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Download Bus Simulator: Ultimate for Android

Bus Simulator: Ultimate for Android is a realistic bus driver simulator. In this game you need to own your own company, which is engaged in passenger transportation. Think up a company name, hire drivers and earn money. At first only one bus will be available, but earning a lot of money, you can buy more comfortable transport for people. Hacked version for coins will allow you to quickly exchange them for dollars. Develop your business and do not let your competitors take away your customers. Choose an available route and go on your way.


The developers have thought out everything to the smallest detail. A real simulator with all the nuances of real life awaits you. Choose a route, sell tickets and drive up to the parking lot where passengers will be waiting. Open the luggage and entrance doors so customers can get on your bus. Once fully loaded, start driving toward your destination. There will always be a navigator at your fingertips to keep you on track. While driving, people will want to eat, stop, or ask for music. To satisfy all of their desires and earn the maximum amount of money, you need to constantly serve passengers. Try not to crash and drive carefully, as getting into an accident or a pothole, will result in a charge for the trip. The more bumps on the road, the less you will get in the end. Turn on your turn signals, don't forget to refuel, and make the trip unforgettable. The routes will be long, so sometimes you'll have to drive all day. Turn on the headlights at night and the brushes if it's raining.


Use the special buttons to turn, and do not forget about the two pedals: gas and brake. The gearbox is automatic. Just engage R, P or D for the desired direction. You can change the camera view and view the bus in motion 360 degrees. Use the microphone for notifications. Don't forget about the radio, because it makes driving more fun. It's all put together in a user-friendly interface that won't distract you even during the ride. The graphics are done quite well. Change the settings to suit you at any time.

Download Bus Simulator: Ultimate for Android

Download Bus Simulator: Ultimate for Android

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